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My Grievous Costume at Star Wars Celebration V 

My General Grievous costume at Star Wars Celebration 5

This is NOT an official Star Wars product. I absolutely love this Grievous costume. It's impressively accurate and the eyes look very life-like. It makes for an extremely popular, immediately recognizable costume


• Sculpted objects including the head, collar, arms, and talons, which are made from strong impact resistant polyurethane plastic
• Average plastic thickness: Approx. 1/6" to 1/4"
• Hand Painted Acrylic and Enamel
• Extremely Rare Fan-made Original
• High Accuracy and Detail
• Talon rings that slip over a pair of boots
• Fabric and rubber gloves that give great mobility
• Gold Paint in the Eyes
• Gloss Painted Eyes and Eye Area
• Metal folding shoulder assembly and harness
• Black under robes
• Metallic grey cape and front sash

This is a very comfortable costume to wear.

Grievous Wins DragonCon SW Costume Contest 2006

The original costume without legs and torso

The General Grievous Costume

This was a long term project. I made the head first by sculpting all the parts in clay using several screenshots to get the highest accuracy, and then I casted the parts in plastic. I began the collar a few months later and cast it in fiberglass so I could make it extra strong and capture all the detailed grooves in the back of the collar. The neck parts were made from metal rod and plastic tubing.

With DragonCon 2006 approaching I quickly sculpted the arm armor and hand pieces and cast them in plastic as well and designed a light weight metal harness and shoulder wireframe that collapses for transport. The day before leaving for DragonCon I finished the fabric and made quick makeshift talons that simply slipped over my boots.

I had no idea that there would be such a long line to register for DragonCon (first-timer). After standing in line with my costume for about 4 hours I literally jogged to the ballroom where the Star Wars contest was taking place and with a little help from a George Lucas look-alike I got my paperwork entered and made it on stage. Matt Wood, the voice of General Grievous, was a judge as luck would have it, and he quickly grabbed up the mic and did the Grievous laugh as I moved on the stage to overwhelming applause and blinding flash bulbs. For the award ceremony, Matt Wood slipped the medal around the neck of Grievous and Gavin Bocquet, LF production designer, presented the certificate. It was without a doubt my happiest Star Wars experience ever.

Several months later I sculpted much more professional looking talons to compliment the costume.

It is probably my most complicated and original costume to date.

I hope to make a torso, legs, and a couple other upgrades before CV in August, 2010.



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