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Sith Stalker: Sith Lord and Secret Apprentice from The Force Unleashed

AKA Starkiller and the Ultimate Evil


Sith Stalker with painted lycra sleeves


All Costume Parts
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Lightbox runs on 9V battery

Hard Armor Parts
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Soft Parts
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Saber Hilts
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mixed media, mostly plastic
Most replica sabers are made quite a bit larger than 1:1 so they can fit all the electronics inside. I made these as close to scale as possible.

My Sith Stalker at Star Wars Celebration V



Putting It On - My new helmet design slides on easily

First time testing the Stalker costume at a 501st event with honorary 501st member, TK-6352, Star Wars actor Jay Laga'aia, 2009
This is the green helmet as seen on the Evolutions action figures packaging.

Mark Farebrother (above) recently got the costume 501st approved. He added a latex sleeve and several other details making him the first Sith Stalker in the 501st. Congratulations, Mark!



This is NOT an offical Star Wars item. It is completely fan-made from scratch based on screenshots of The Force Unleashed character.

• Made from strong impact resistant polyurethane plastic (similar to football helmet plastic)
• Average armor thickness: 1/4" - 1/8"
• Hand painted acrylic and enamel
• Protective enamel clear coating
• Unique fan-made original
• High accuracy and detail

Parts Include:
• The core helmet - has a tinted visor, slightly weathered paint, large breathing holes in front, flexible side attachment pieces for a close fit, velcro attachment point for neckseal, and glossy protective coating
• Silver spandex cap - slips over head to complete the effect
• Neck seal - hard rubber seal that attaches to the back inside of core helmet with velcro and velcros in the front of the neck
• Ribcage with straps
• Shoulder armor - this is the only piece without straps. It velcros to the underarmor
• Bicep armor and forearm with straps
• Claws

The model is 5'11", 175 lbs.

The original game model was created by Manny Llamas
Concept by Amy Beth Christenson



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