My Wicked Armor - Female Tusken Raider Mask and Costume from Star Wars



Female Tusken Raider as seen in Episode II

Bracelet 5/2010

Torture Shmi, drive Anakin to the dark side, loot moisture farmers, raise good little sand people, keep every inch of your skin covered, and milk your bantha in this beautiful, unofficial Star Wars replica mask. The piece is made in strong resin with high accuracy detail work in both form and color.

This is one of my all time favorite masks from the Star Wars universe! It is one of the most mysterious, cryptic, and ancient looking masks from the whole series. The cool concept design was created by artist Dermot Power for Ep II. This is NOT an official Star Wars product. You can find images of the females by watching (the far too short appearance in) Episode II when Anakin attacks the Tusken camp, by looking at the image archives on or in your Episode II Visual Dictionary (Must-have books for Star Wars fans). This mask is beautiful and obsessively accurate!

The ornamentation that hangs from the front of the mask is one solid piece and the necklace-type part is made up of 19 separate pieces. The plastic parts are very thick and built to last, but it is fairly lightweight. The plastic is durable and impact-resistant. I made the shroud as well, but I did not have time to fray and weather the fabric before these photos.



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