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Garrus Vakarian from Mass Effect 2

I first made him as he looked before scarring. Bascially, I didn't like the giant bandage. Something about the idea of Turian puss seemed unappealing, but I made a battled damaged version for DragonCon 2012 without the bandage. I also made the Mantis sniper rifle as seen in ME2.

I plan to upgrade some of the parts before offering this: underhood, inside collar, back armor, calves and feet. And I might offer this one as kit pieces in the future if I decide it takes me too much time to make them.



This video shows the lighting better


Garrus Vakarian Mass Effect 2 Costume Armor Cosplay Replica

"Scoped and dropped!"


Garrus Head/Mask Kit - Raw

Unfinished Raw Cast: I will only be offering this for a limited time. It will required tooling/sanding, assembly, and painting. It will come as pictured above: rough edges and partially primed. May require slight patching/hole filling and reinforcement. Medium difficulty. Ready to ship while supplies last. Includes: Resin cast of head and jaw and vacuum formed neck plates - the same parts used to make the finished mask pictured

I will offer a few finished Garrus masks and costumes in the future. Please contact me if interested.

Garrus Head/Mask Kit - Raw: $160 plus shipping

I made this costume from scratch based on the Mass Effect 2 character Garrus before he takes the rocket to his face. I will have more pictures posted on my website (wickedarmor.com) in the near future. And yes, I plan to make a few more of these. Please contact me if you are interested.

This Garrus project was a bit more difficult than I thought it would be. The costume has at least 75 LED's on/in it! But the lighting is one of the things that attracted me to this costume. I especially enjoyed the eye gear. Photos and videos just do not capture how neat the eye piece looks. I think the whole costume requires nine 9V batteries if you want the lights to work for a few hours. Fortunately, the armor is very lightweight, including the massive chest piece which I designed to split into two pieces for shipping and transport. And I am aware that Garrus does not have a tail- I just forgot to attach the butt plate strap before the indoor video.

A few people have asked how long it took to make. That's hard to say since I worked on it in spurts. I am a quick sculptor, but there was a lot of time involved in moldmaking, paint, and assembly. The work was done over the span of a few months.

Some people have asked about the comfort of the feet. After DragonCon I decided it would be better to reduce the angle of the support structure. It was at an angle similiar to a high heel at first, but this starts to get uncomfortable after an hour and almost painful after 2 hours of standing. I reduced the angle a lot and still get the same effect. It is very comfortable. I could even imagine walking a parade route in these feet on a cool day. I slip my feet with shoes on them into the spandex socks and strap them to the support structure on the inside. Hats off to all the ladies who wear high heels.

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