Wicked Armor - Kylo Ren Costume Mask Helmet from Star Wars Episode 7 concept art prop Replica for Cosplay



v2 Helmet inspired by Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars antagonist from Star Wars Episode 7

v1 Helmet inspired by Kylo Ren Helmet Concept Art



I like the concept art better than what I have seen of the screen-used helmet, so I have followed that more closely. The trailer released in mid-April inspired me to go ahead and sculpt it. Since the concept image is low-res, I followed the screen-used helmet more closely for the details.

The helmet is padded with blackout material over the eyes and cheek holes. The outer robe and hood pieces are made from black basket weave fabric and the undershirt with sleeves is made from black cotton. The belt is faux leather.


Updated: 8/24/15

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