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I made a Majora's Mask about 10 years ago and only sold one copy and moved onto other projects. I needed the money and never had time to make a copy for myself. I have since learned a lot about casting and painting this sort of thing. I still had my old mold which helped me make a copy recently, but I did not like the old sculpt and knew I could do better. I removed some details on the cast and then sculpted over it, adding body filler and apoxie sculpt, and I then sanded and perfected the shape using the N64 cover art as the primary reference. I decided I should offer some more of these to the public to justify all the effort I put into it and bring some joy to others.

This is a wearable mask, and the lookout holes are the triangle-shaped holes seen in the photos. Visibility is not good enough to walk around a crowded convention floor safely, but it is good for posing for photos and would allow you see the crowd enough to make it pleasant. I will install 3-point fabric tie straps and foam blocks in the finished masks. Tied properly, it will sit snug on your face, be comfortable to wear, and slip on and off your head easily without having to tie the knot each time.

Above:comparison of Nintendo art to mask photo. Please note: this was before I finished the paint job so the white lines are too bright and the colors are not finished.

Original mask design is copyright by Nintendo. This mask is based on the Mask of Majora from Nintendo's Majora's Mask videogame. This is not an official Nintendo product.

Dimensions: 17" W by 16" H, Top to bottom inside is 8.75"

• Made mainly from strong impact resistant fibers and resin
• Average thickness: 1/8"
• Approx. total weight: Under 1 lb
• Hand painted acrylic and enamel
• Protective enamel coating
• Extremely rare fan-made original
• High accuracy and detail

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