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Mantis Rifle from Mass Effect 2 & 3

This was my first prop gun, oddly enough. I should have started smaller, but I needed this weapon to go with my Garrus costume, a big project in of itself. It would not have been so bad if not for the lights, which needed to be installed into the body of the gun. My first Mantis Rifle was finished quickly before DragonCon 2011. I had more time to design and troubleshoot this second rifle... and rework the molds. Perhaps naively, I always thought the construction of prop weapons seemed very easy in comparison to a wearable costume, but if it has interior lighting, it is a complex task. This Mantis rifle is made of polystone resin with 7 LED's and fairly lightweight construction.





Garrus Vakarian Mass Effect 2 Costume Armor Cosplay Replica

"Scoped and dropped!"



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