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Darth Revan from Knights of the Old Republic


Darth Revan Costume Armor and Robes
Flexible form-fitting armor and full length pleated cape

Recent improvements: lighter weight, greater flexibility, better straps, more durable paint job, more accurate armor color, fabric upgrades, full bracers, and back armor.


Revan Costume at Star Wars Celebration V 

The Darth Revan Costume Armor and Robes

This was the first Star Wars costume I made. I sculpted the Revan mask in sculpey clay first and made all the body armor parts in pottery clay and cast them all in urethane plastic. I developed my own fabric patterns and finished it just in time for Halloween 2005. I have made many changes and upgrades since then.

• Made from strong impact resistant polyurethane plastic (similar to football helmet plastic) and high impact styrene
• Average armor thickness: 1/4" - 1/8"
• Lightweight body armor: 1lbs. 9oz.
• Ready to wear
• The flexible body armor accomodates most body types
• Fits adults only
• Hand painted acrylic and enamel
• Protective enamel clear coating
• Unique fan-made original
• High accuracy and detail based on in-game model
• Has met 501st standards (Please review the current costume standards to see what might need an upgrade for 501st approval: here)

Parts Include:
• Mask with straps (no padding, might be necessary)
• Breastplate and abdomen armor (joined by straps)
• Webbing straps on torso armor with black plastic clips that can be used to hold torso armor close to the body
• Hand and arm guards (bracers are full with top and bottom pieces that hinge open and velcro together and hand pieces have elastic bands to hold them in the proper place)
• Central plastic ring with webbing straps attached to chest plate
• All metal rings shown including the metal rings that hang from the bottom of the armor

Fabric includes hood/shoulder wrap, cape, skirt, black sash and red sash. Upgrades include pleats on the skirt/hakama, vertical ribs on red sash, metallic-color fabric strip for between chest and abdomen plate.

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Here is a Revan undermask I developed. It makes the mask more comfortable and vents your breath away from the visor to prevent fogging... and it kind of looks neat. But it can be worn under the balaclava. You can see more photos HERE and you can buy it HERE.


It looks like the Revan action figure packaging art was based on an early photo of my mask (superimposed frame). How cool is that?



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