Wicked Armor - Fine Professional Quality Costumes, Props, and Replicas For Film, Product Promotion, and Cosplay



I specialize in creating rare custom art that you can wear based on characters from pop culture. If it looks impressive or interesting, I want to make it, and I work on commission!



About Wicked Armor

Years of Sculpture and Artistic Painting Experience
I have the artistic ability to take it beyond mere craft

Relatively Quick Turn Around
As little as one week!

Reasonable Cost for Great Value
My commission prices are unbeatable for the quality

The Best Materials for the Job
I know the right materials to use for your application

Beautiful Fabrics
I use the best fabrics to compliment the armor

Please see the FAQ for more information.


Current Projects

Helmet inspired by Rogue One Death Trooper


Republic Commando Armor


My Wicked Armor at Star Wars Celebration VI 2012

Darth Malgus at Dragon*Con 2012


Garrus Mass Effect 2 with Mantis Sniper Rifle


My Wicked Armor at Star Wars Celebration V



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