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In Progress

I am not so great about updating this page. Join me on Facebook for the latest updates including occasional progress photos and videos of finished pieces.

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Upcoming Projects

These projects are either on my mind, in planning stages, or on my workbench. Contact me if you would like to get updates on these projects or join my Facebook page to see the items when complete.

TOR Jedi

Sith Acolyte Full

Cerberus Trooper

ME3 N7 Armor

Ezio Brotherhood



Darth Malgus
Mandalore the Ultimate
Republic Commando Body Armor and Gear
Army of Two Salem and Rios Masks
Assassin's Creed 2 Ezio Parts
Grievous Legs and Torso Upgrades
COTF Nihilus

Completed 9/2011:

ME2 Garrus Costume Undamaged
Mantis Sniper Rifle from Mass Effect 2
Cassandra Costume from Soulcalibur IV
Sith Acolyte Mask from The Old Republic
KOTOR Nihilus Upgrades

Completed 11/2010:

New Commando Helmet visor design
Maul half-saber to go with Stalker and Starkiller costumes
Better Grievous Talons
Revan and Nihilus Saber Hilt

Completed 8/2010:

Finished Lord Starkiller armor and all soft parts
Finished General Grievous torso, legs, new harness, new cape, and head turning ability
Finished Sith Stalker costume with full arm gloves and shirt combo
Finished lightsabers for Sith Stalker and Lord Starkiller - minus Darth Maul's saber half
Finished Darth Revan saber and full-length pleated cape



Rios Mask, New Nihilus Mask Design, Fixer Helmet





Join me on Facebook and YouTube to see my latest work

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