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The Art Studio


Sculpture work and mold-making require a lot of space. I originally used a small bedroom in my house to do most of the artistic work and an old horse barn at the back of the yard for the messy and/or smelly stuff. I built several original vacuum form designs in that barn one of which caught on fire. Fortunately, I had bought a fire extinguisher.

barn photo

Then I built a nice, small air-conditioned shop next to the barn, where I did everything but the hand painting and sewing work. It has since become my paint booth.

small shop photo

Sculpting the first Garrus head in the small workshop

When my son was born I needed a room for him, so I decided to build a decent-sized art studio attached to a large koi pond in the middle of my backyard, and I turned the art room into a rainforest bedroom for my boy. The art studio is where I work on new designs. I made large low windows, so I can view the fish from the studio, and designed the roof so that a waterfall pours in front of the main window and into the pond when it rains.

art studio exterior


The horse barn was never quite sealed and came full of wolf spiders, which terrified some people. I usually tolerated them and the occasional rat, armadillo, snake, and bird nest, but it was a poor work environment and lacked any air-condition and looked as if a good storm might knock it down. I finally decided to raze the whole barn and build a nice large shop for tools, casting, hand paint, and assembly. It was a huge construction project that took the better part of a year to complete, while finishing commission projects all the while, of course.

main shop ext


tool shop

Lastly, I built a nice vacuum forming and wood shop (fire extinguisher included) attached to the art studio.

oven shop

During all of this, I also did several home improvement projects. A big one was sculpting on my house. I always admired how theme park artists sculpted and formed stucco to make artistically designed spaces. I went for a rustic, refurbished Mediterranean ruin theme. It costs very little to stucco a house like this, but it requires a LOT of work and some artistic sensitivity.

house photos

This is a photo of me sculpting the head of Grievous several years ago in my college apartment (my first studio). Thank you to my suitemates who tolerated my messes and my frequent monopoly of the common room, dining table, patio, etc.


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